2006 YZ450F Cracked Case. HELP PLEASE!

I recently cracked the case on my 2006 YZ450F. Upon calling the dealer I learned that you can only buy the cases in a matching set for that model year and it cost $594. I've talked to a few people who've said that they've used case halves from other years or 06's with no issues. So my question is 1) Do you have to use a matching set for my 06 or can I find a case half off of another 06 and use it? and 2) Could I use a case off of say an 05 or an 07-09? Any help would be much appreciated

Only the '06-'09 cases will interchange.

Because the cases are bored while bolted together in pairs (line boring), they are only sold in pairs, and should only be used in pairs. Frankly, I'd be more inclined to use a set that had been welded than a mismatched set.

That makes sense. Do you happen to know if all 06-09 cases were bored that way?

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For the most part, all crankcases are bored that way.

I bought a brand new 07 yz450f left side case really cheap on ebay for my 06 yz450f and it did not line up properly and was a waste of money.I ended up getting my case welded.It had a 3/4" square-ish hole knocked in it by a piece of 5th gear that went through it.The weld was beautiful,and the cost was reasonable.If you can go this route,I highly recommend it.

Only problem is that the hole is right where the clutch cable comes down and goes into the engine. Might be a tricky place to weld because that post has to pivot

It will indeed be tricky. That bore also carries oil under pressure to the transmission. But it's possible.

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