ss filter spring/gas cap vent tube ......'09YZ450

I bought this bike a week ago. Not sure when I lost it but the vent tube on gas cap is missing. Not sure what happened to it because it was on there when I bought it. I've think I've ridden a couple of times without it. Do I need to buy a new gas cap now? Also what's the rubber gasket that comes with it.?

Changed the oil today.I noticed there was no spring in the oil filter. Isn't there suppose to be a spring? Also, it's a SS filter so after I clean it do I have to wait for it dry before I put it back in? (no compressed air to dry it with)


You just need a new vent line for your gas cap >$10.

Also there is no spring on the oil filter.

Be sure it's stainless steel. If it's an old brass mesh OEM type, don't reuse it.

If you lack compressed air, rinse it with rubbing alcohol, shake it out, and blow it dry.

great info as always on TT

I've heard people mention rubber gasket missing? is that a part of the cap or vent tube?

Also if I order one on ebay can I ride without it in the meantime?

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Part of the filter element. The oil flow in the YZF is from the outside, through the filter media, and into the interior, and out to the engine's vital parts through a hole at one end. That end, then, carries the filtered oil under pressure, so it has to be sealed against leakage in order to keep dirty oil out.

So, the open end on all YZF filters has to have a seal around that hole. The OEM type filters have a thick, springy rubber pad at the closed end, too, but not as a seal or gasket of any kind. Its purpose is to press the filter against the oil passage squarely without crimping the pleats of the filter. If they crush just a little, a lot of them will totally collapse under a heavy volume.

The steel filters are stiff enough to be squeezed harder without yielding, and have much less tendency to fold up under pressure even if bent. That, and the fact that they can be manufactured to much closer tolerances eliminates the need for the rubber "spring" on the base of the OEM type.

thanks again G.R. ! Am I okay to ride while my vent valve is in the mail?

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