Whats the deference in WR and YZF ?

I just got a good deal on a Yahama 400 with a bad bottom end. The guy I got it from told me it was a WR400 the sticker on it is a YZ400F sticker. I was looking on E-bay and all i can find is YZ400f bottom ends. Will that work for it? Is ther a way to know what i have?

WR= wide ratio trans. Look in the wr/yzf thread.


I been looking for a WR transmission to put in my YZ426F I want more topend I ride desert.

YZF is great for tracks and tight stuff but whn you have long wide open fire roads the WR trans is a better way to go.

1,2,3 all the same YZF and The WR the 4th and 5th are WR.

WR= wide ratio trans. Look in the wr/yzf thread.

WR's also have larger fuel tanks, different gearing, and the capability to run lights OEM. And depending on the model year, electric start.

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