So today i went to fire up my 06' WR450F and well that did not go so well, so it has been sitting since last year and i don't recall putting stabilizer in it over the winter, it will (WITH A LOT of effort) start with the choke open and with holding onto the throttle it will eventually run and not just just off when i let off the throttle BUT, as soon as i push the choke in it shuts right off immediately and then gives me trouble once again to try and start it again.

Am i in the right direction to pull and drain the fuel tank and then pull and clean the carbs? i put a new battery in thinking it was that ( when i tried to start it a few weeks back) but it seems that was a waste of 60$ haha as it is doing the same thing.

If i'm heading in the right direction i will get to it.


Yup, start with fresh fuel and don't forget to drain the float bowl.

Most likely a clogged Pilot Jet. After draining float bowl/carb, tank, and replacing with fresh fuel I'd pull the pilot jet and clean or replace.

What AKmud said, dont bother removing carb just yet, remove the drain plug on the float bowl (17mm head from memory) and drain fuel out. Remove hose going into carb and drain fuel out of tank, put fresh fuel in and it should be good as new. My brothers yz426f won't even start if the fuels more than 9 months old, drain fuel and put fresh stuff in and it starts in 2 kicks.

I'm also betting that it's a clogged pilot jet. But try fresh fuel first!!


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