2012 WR450F f.i

Hey guys,

I bought a 2012 wr450f about a week ago,awesome bike but a friend and I went out for a road ride at night time,very cold too and my friend and I noticed that the pipe was glowing red when we stopped at traffic lights,rode off and it wasn't red whilst riding,air flow cooled it down?

I was advised to get it tuned or buy the gytr power tuner and play with it,has anyone had this problem or know of this problem with the 2012 fuel injected models?the bike is stock and only a week old.I spoke to the shop I purchased it from and they said that is normal,which i think is bulls$&t!!

Any help is appriciated

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Normal.....both of my WR's do it. The head pipe is very thin, once it loses airflow it glows. Keep riding!!!!

A lean fuel/air mixture and retarded timing will make them glow red much faster than one that has the proper air/fuel mixture and timing that's not retarded.

My 2012 with the GYTR ECU does not turn my exhaust header red.

Thanks for your input guys,I appreciate it alot!

@tomerb,have you actually got an aftermarket ECU on your bike or did you get a GYTR power tuner and adjust it?the other guys explanation makes sense but I just don't like to see that glow.

Also I got a slip on muffler waiting to go on when I get the power tuner,have you done any mods to yours at all that can help?

This has been covered time and time again, It's perfectly normal, my 2012 WR450 is the exact same. The power tuner wont affect the idle mixture either, so won't make a difference.

hey guys.. just joined the site.great input on this bike... really like the idea they put f.i to the bike.i read it is a few pounds heavier than the older models... says it has more cooling capacity (bigger radiator) that is some of the extra weight i guess anyway, ready to pull the trigger on a new 2012 wr450.. riding a low houred 2000 kx 500 right now but want something i can make registerable and ride the pavement to the trail and still have good power...sick of loading up and unloading! think this will be a win win for sure!

Where is the plug on the the bike for the GYTR tuner.

Inside the air box mounted on the rear subframe

Inside the air box mounted on the rear subframe

Thanks, now how does the plug in release from the little metal bracket thats holding it. Feeling a little ham fisted and afraid to break something

Push in locking tab and pull apart. Did you get the GYTR ECM?

Push in locking tab and pull apart. Did you get the GYTR ECM?

So, part of the plug stays attached to the metal bracket

Yes got that installed,

picked up my 2012 wr450 today, starts a little hard but i am getting a feel on how to start with a little throttle first try then letting off starter then try again not touching throttle and just crank it. my bike needs to warm up good or it will stall if i let out the clutch(safety feature?)put about 30 easy miles on it not really loading it thru the gears .now just waiting for the ecu and programmer to show up.

Luckyone24, you are indeed the Lucky One!! Enjoy the new bike and keep us up to date on how you're liking it.

will do boise.. i am withholding judgement on power of this bike based on past posts i have read (needing ecu and programmer)but in the set up it comes stock from the dealer is a good breakin setup for the powerplant.. bike feels very balanced and tractable. cant wait to start adding accessories to it!

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