Anyone goto Chaparral Sale

Did anyone getto the Chaparral Sale this past Saturday? I did, and got a killer deal on N-Style graphics for my bike. $35 for the graphix and seat cover. Also got FMF fender graphx for $1. That is all I went for really, got some shirts and hats for $5 a piece. My buddy got FMF pipes for both his Cr500 and 250 combined price at $110.



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Yeah I was there. Bought a new aluminum stand ($35) a bunch of gear (FOX, No Fear), Smith Warp Goggles ($10), ties downs, and a few other things. This year's sale was a mad house, as you know, but I don't think it was as good as in years past (or maybe I just didn't buy as much this year)...

I agree, it wasn't a good as last year. or the past. seems like itis dwindling. I noticed Chaparral themselves had bigger booths, and not as much vendors were out there. so not as good deals as the years before.

Yea, I went also. First time. I had to work last year. There was alot of bumping into people, I felt like a pinball, after awhile i just stopped saying excuse me. The graphics were an awesome deal by any manufacture. Also scored some new plastic and gloves. I really wanted A-stars boots but you had to get there really early. I thought it was a great sale, but I had not been to any previous. It was a mad house but worth it.

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