will 06 yz ex cam fit 03 wr?

So I went to a swap today (hay days) and picked up 3 06 yz450 cams, 2 intake cams, one hot cam, one stock and a stock exhaust cam, I have a 03 wr450 and I knew I could put the yz cam in it but I couldnt remeber the years, the price was right so i jumped on it, can I run them? if not why? and if not they are for sale $35 each!

yes. Exhaust camshafts are the same part number, intake camshaft is a different part number (which accounts for different lobe timing) but it works like a charm in our motors. Hotcams are interchangeable between YZ450/WR450/YZF450 motors both in/ex in your situation.

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