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Bought a 02 WR426, the previous owner put on a tusk lighting kit. When I got the bike the the tail light was the only thing that worked, I traced all the wiring and found the brake light switch had the wires ripped out and were hanging. Further investigation revealed a mess up in the front area where a whole bunch of wires were jerry bobbed together and pinched from the steering stop. I reconnected all the wires for the tusk kit and now have turn signals, tail and brake lights, horn. my issue now is the headlight. The bike has 2 switches for the lights. The tusk combo switch ran the turn signals and horn, the other switch ran the head lights. In my haste I did not remember to write down what wires went to what when I yanked everything out.

Can anyone tell me what colors are what? Here are the wires on the bike... black, blue, and yellow.


This is the switch


Without a manual if a bike in front of me, my guess idle the black is common and the yellow and blue are high and low beam. To figure that out grab a multimeter set to low resistance and verify that measuring black to blue then black to yellow, you should get little to no resistance and appear to be a short. Then take a 9 volt battery and bridge the same wires for a second and see what beam lights up to determine what is what on the headlight. If not measure between the wires and find out what color is your common. I think blue is highbeams.

Remember this is an add on kit both on the bike and headlight, there's not really a "set" way to hook this up so you'll have to verify what the PO did.

If you don't have a meter go to Walmart, Harbor Frieght, wherever and buy a meter before ever goofing with your wiring again. Even a $10 will give you everything you need to check this stuff.

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Go to the Rocky Mountain site that sells this switch.

They have a wiring diagram for the switch.

The diagram is a pdf and is available for just the switch, or for their wiring harness if you need it.

I have the '03 service manual PDF at home. I'll check it and reply again tonight.

Here's the light on the wiring diagram http://imgur.com/Y8qtZ . The yellow is the headlight main and the factory wiring has the blue feeding the high beam, black to ground.

I have the '03 service manual PDF at home. I'll check it and reply again tonight.

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