07 rm 125 problem someone help

I have an 07 rm 125 and it hasnt been ridden hard infact it only has a little bit of time on it also probably 35 hours and i took apart the motor just to make sure everything was good on the top end and it was all in good shape and everything but i put it back together it was running fine before i took it apart and yes i did take it apart and ut it back together correctly but now it is really hard to start and when i finally get it started with the choke on it revs really high like 7k rpms almost and it does this until i put the choke back in and pull it out again and i dont think im to lean because it also smokes really bad and it has almost no power but if i was lean it wouldnt smoke and im really confused on what happened i didnt even touch the carb but im wondering if any of you know what is happening and my knowledge on this is that if it too lean it will rev really high and have a high idle and if it is to rich it will bog out and not start sometimes and smoke but mine is doing both....

And btw im running it at 32:1

I would first try blowing out the jets, if they are practically blocked it won't run properly with out choke and that my be why it's revving with choke on, because the choke let's more air in to try and compensate for the petrol that is not getting through due to the blocked jet. Even if you didn't touch the carb try blowing the jets out. Also run a fuel filter on it you can buy these for about 7 bucks this will stop little bits of dirt that u can not see getting in and blocking the jets

Hope this helps u out :)

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