2006 WR450 Dies if I Push the choke in Please help!

Here is the deal. I Just bought a WR 450 2006 and its hardly been used. Everything is in great shape but it just won't stay running for me unless the choke is out. When I got it home I drained the gas because it had defiantly gone bad, and I flushed the tank before refilling it.

I have removed the carb cleaned it inspected jets ran copper wire thru jets

I live in MN and I have the following jets in it. Oh and the bike is stock...

Main Jet is 165

JN OBDWR only has one position on it

Pilot Jet 45

Start jet is 65

Air jet is an 80

Fuel air screw is set to 1.5 turns out I have gone past 1.75 turns ( this does stop the back firing)

These all seem to be stock if my research is correct.

What am I missing should I throw some seafoam in it and go for a ride and see if that loosens it all up??

Please any help is appreciated.


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While your on the right track, I would suggest tearing back into the carb and replacing the pilot jet instead of just cleaning it. They are notoriously hard to get perfectly clean, what with them being so small. Check the "pinned" posts at the top of this forum to see what size jets you should be running for your location. This, along with an in-line fuel filter should fix all of your issues.


This has been discussed a million times but since your new, you have a clogged pilot... You need to replace instead of clean.

You may also need to clean the fuel circuits/passageways in the carb body itself.

That bike runs a little better with a 48 pilot at around 2.0 turns out.

You have been given great advice about the clogged pilot. Suspect that on any bike that has been sitting.

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