new to dirt bikes, need help on 05yz 450

I have an 05 yz450 and it shows no oil on the dipstick. I have searched and searched with various findings. I pulled the clutch cover and stator cover and there were some rubber chunks in the oil, but the screen is still clean.

I am unfamiliar with the oiling system on this bike. Am I going to burn up the motor or is oil still getting pumped up to the head and just not making it to the oil tanks which is significantly higher?

What do I do about this? I really need help. thanks in advance.

For a start drop the oil out and see how much is there to begin with.

changed the oil on day 1 with the bike. I should have mentioned that. It was full, and is full now. t

In order to check the oil level, you have to first run the engine for a minimum of 1 minute top pump the oil out of the sump and back up to the tank, then take the dip stick reading within the next 2-3 minutes. Oil migrates down to the crankcases past the oil pump as the bike sits, and in as little as one day, the entire load may have moved downstairs.

Read the following:

If you fill it and check it correctly, but even after running it, you still don't see oil on the stick, you could have an oil pump problem. Come back if that's the case.

I ran it for about half an hour on the advice of a yamaha dealer. It still doesn't show on the dipstick. I think it would've smoked the motor if the oil pump wasn't working, but I don't know. I do know I don't feel very comfortable running it with nothing on the dipstick.

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OK, the oil line on the left side under where the oil fill is is the return line. Disconnect it at the engine, then the frame, then stick it back on the engine. Run a hose off it to a pail or whatever, and start the engine. If you have oil in the crankcase, it should be pumped out of the return line at a fairly rapid pace. If not, look at the oil pump.

You can also check for oil pressure by loosening the pressure check bolt shown in the manual while it's running.

I discovered the oil pressure check bolt, so I started up the bike and pulled the bolt. It is definitely pumping oil to the head. It is also moving oil into the oil tank just not filling it up high enough to hit the dip stick.

At this point I know my motor is getting lubed so I'm thinking I just ride it and forget the dipstick.

any opinions?

I'd be concerned about the condition of the return pump if you do indeed have the right amount of oil in the engine.

Yeah, the dip stick is there for a reason, If I had the correct amount of oil in my bike and It didnt read on the stick, I wouldnt be able to sleep at night, that would really bother me

my thought was that if the oil tank is low, then the rest of the oil is in the engine. I am freaked out by the low dipstick reading, but oil is pumping and dipstick reading issues seem to be common on these bikes.

that's why I'm here though, I'm trying to figure out how get comfortable with this bike without tearing the motor apart.

Hey cuban! I don't want to scare you,and I hope I'm way off,but I had a similar thing happen on my 06yz450f.I had just replaced the clutch,filled it with the precise amount of oil,rode it up and down the street and went through all the gears,came back to the house and shut it off.I looked at the dipstick and it read no oil.I started it back up and let it idle for 5 minutes like the manual said,shut it no oil.Very long story short,a dog ear on the 5th gear had broken off and gone through the case and made a hole in the tank,so that the oil would not stay in it and would go through the hole down to a lower level.Ended up welding the piece back into the hole and that worked great.(after buying a used tranny off ebay cos' the new 5th gear wouldn't fit properly.A new 07 case that did not match up properly,and a new crank).Amazingly,I never heard the piece break off,and the bike ran fine for 5 minutes at idle.My mechanic friend looked through into the case and could see damage,so we knew we had to split it to figure it out.I think there is a hole you can look through after taking off the left side case,but I don't really remember exactly.Anybody else familiar with what I'm talking about?

By "you know it has the right amount of oil", you mean you filled according to manual specs?

I would suggest filling it more, until it reads on the dip stick, if you put a shite load of oil in though and still no dipstick reading, something is most definitely wrong.

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