2003 Starter SCREAM!

I can't find where I posted a thread on this topic a while back so I'll update.

I have a 2003 WR450 that I've had for a year. When you hit the starter button, it makes the most gawd-awful screaming sound (IN the starter motor itself). I took it off and ran it... Still made the sound, but it was working. I then pulled it apart, but everything looked normal inside. I figured that the motor itself was rubbing against the housing so I put a thin layer of moly-grease (NOT dialectric) against the pads on the housing (VERY thin) and reassembled it. Sounded great! Put it back in and took it riding the next day.

The next day after about 5 or 6 starts, it started screaming again and was not starting as easily as it did when I first greased it. I'd imagine that the motor was laboring heavily in trying to start the bike engine while also being slowed down by itself not wanting to spin freely.

Since then, I've left it for now and figured I'd ask you folks about it since it seems to be nothing more than the motor possibly being worn out.


Unless you know what you're doing, just take or send the starter to your auto electric shop of choice for diagnosis and repair. I've read too many "tales of woe" from others on this forum who have made the mistake of trying to learn how to repair their starter and ended up "in way over their heads". You also might research for rebuilt starters. Just my 2 cents.

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