I was on a real nice Birthday ride with my best buddy on his DRZ 400 riding out of Nevada City Ca.

We were about 100 miles into the ride just getting back on the pavement on our way home. My friends DRZ blew by me so it was time for a little speed run.Was running along about 92 mph when all of a sudden the rear wheel locks up. I did the quick clutch pull in but the wheel was still locked up and took the knobby down to nothing.

Upon stopping I did the old specticles ,tesciles , watch and wallet. Tryed to get the bike into N but shift lever didn't want to change gears. Pulled clutch lever in and engine started. Let out clutch and went about 10 feet and locked up again. Got picked up by friends.

The bike has about 3500 miles on it and never had missed a beat.I pulled the motor this last week.

Drained oil and pulled clutch cover. Clean as new inside. Am pulling out my stash of Yamaha special tools and split the cases next. Any other failures out there?

Sounds like one of the gears on either the drive or driven momentarily stuck itself onto the shaft, causing the lock-up. I'm guessing your going to have to tear into that bad boy.


In Baja the 03-06 wr450 trans (people that ride hard on pavement,speed shift,top end)lasts about 5,000 miles.07 up 10,000 miles.All dirt but easy on the pavment long life.

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