'03 WR450 neutral wire?

Installing a gear indicator on my Supermoto which requires a neutral signal, so where's the best place to take that from? I hear there's a blue wire going into a connector plug under the tank, is that what i need? If so can i just splice in to it? Are there any other neutral signals anywhere on the bike?

Also i need a positive and negative to power the unit so rather than take straight off the battery so it doesn't drain, where can i take these feeds from so that they only power the unit when the ignition is on?

As you can see I'm not great with electrics so any help appreciated :-)

Edited by RipGroove99

I did see that thread thanks, i guess I'll have to try that blue wire and see what happens. Any idea how to wire up the power source so that its only on when the ignitions on?

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