New Motocross Syndrome Discovered.

Hey all. Ive discovered that females are not the only humans suceptable to the likeliness of PMS. I have found (in my 3 months off of a bike) that males that ride motocross are the ONLY other human form available to this syndrome, otherwise known as PMS. Although it carries a much different meaning with them.

PMS... Pre Motocross Syndrome- the syndrome that upsets, and makes a male cranky. is caused by the inability to ride for an extended period of time. Cure? there is only one cure. Ride. Side effects include the total consumption of any motocross product, including toys, tv programs, or VP race gas, old sprockets , worn out tires. One case in Virginia, a 43 old male was sent to the emergency room after "borrowing" his sons bicycle and attempting a superman seat grab over a small wooden ramp. He claimed to be doing this trick in a weak attempt to set off his PMS.

If anyone else deals with this, PLEASE post now. Thumper Talk can be more than just a Forum, it can also be a means of survival. Dont be ashamed post now. smile.gif


I hear you. I dislocated my elbow on September 9th, and I'm not allowed to ride till the beginning of November. I'm going Nucking Futs. Every day, as I go to work, I see my clean ready to ride 426 sitting in the garage asking me what the hell is going on.

I'm NOT pleased. mad.gif

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I've had PMS. I broke both my wrists at Hangtown last September and couldn't ride for almost 8 months. For 5 months my bike sat in the garage with twisted bars, bent subframe, tweaked exhaust and no right foot peg cuz I couldn't turn a wrench. I never wanted to ride so bad in my life, weird huh? The same thing that jacked me up I couldn't wait to do again. My wife and buddy's understood but that was about it, everyone else thought I was nuts.


Yeah when I broke both of my arms I had it bad!! I tried to wrench on my bike but I would feel the bones in my arm I said "uh oh" I better wait! I got some funny looks everywhere I went (I just told people I got hit by a MAC truck LOL)

Also the time I got a concussion I had it bad...Eric (BBRguy) knows about that one! LOL



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

I'm a victim of it right now. Been down with a bad knee for a few months now. I can trail ride but can't get onto a track yet.

I have found myself suffering from PMS and I am at the extreme edges of sanity. I have kicked the dogs, threatened to boil the rabbit and want to use the horses for jerky. The lovely wife has been very tolerant but her patience is running thin.

Maybe we can start a help group and the TT people could give us our own section of TT!!!



--Life is too short, work hard--

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Funny topic guys, but Sooooooo TRUE.

Fractured the Radial Head in my left arm mid Oct and have the infamous "cast" on. See the doc tomorrow and it would be great if he would at least take the damn cast off so I could put some new "stuff" on the bike!

I was practicing at least twice a week and racing on the weekends, now I watch everyone ELSE race, while I sit and gain weight!!!

Also, wondering if you guys from the Houston area went to scholl there. I live in Dallas, but was born and raised in Tanglewood?

Hey IBWFO. I went to school in Houston and lived in the Tanglewood Area. On Longmont. Went to Grady then I moved away. I am 40 and ride a YZ426

Hey IBWFO. I went to school in Houston and lived in the Tanglewood Area. On Longmont. Went to Grady then I moved away. I am 40 and ride a YZ426



i live in the clear lake area, im 18. graduated from home school (it was awesome i could wake up and do my work then just chill all day and ride) dont even know where tanglewood is... ah well...


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