Anyone add cooling fan to 426

I am having a problem with my bike running extremely hot when doing trail layout and marking for dual sport rides is SE Ohio. I am afraid that there is going to be engine damage if I do not do something to cool this thing down. I am hoping that the temperature reading on the Trailtech Vapor is inaccurate. I had a high of 272 today.

Im not saying that a fan wouldn't help things I'm telling you I think you'll be fine father getting your bike that hot.i tried a yfz450 quad for a few hours. Those motors get so hot that I literally could not keep my right foot on the pegs with mx boots on because it was kicking off so much heat. Those poor engines on the quads really take abuse

I have yet to add one, but a while back I was looking at SPAL <-- click. They seemed to have good specs and they had some small enough that you could put a puller on the back side of the radiator and shoot it out the shroud vent. Waterproof, good CFM, and "reasonably" priced.

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