Chain broke crankcase hole

I have a 2012 Yamaha yzf 450 with the clutch boss housing broke off. Is it worth welding the crankcase or just buying a new one.

is it not still under waranty?

Buy a new one. They are cast and cast does not take to welding well.

Depends on the complexity of the repair. The case can certainly be welded easily enough, but what kills the deal sometimes is how much machine work is involved with restoring the bearing pocket, the release arm bore, and most importantly, the oil passages that feed oil to the transmission through that bore.

Next time, don't run your chain tighter than the manual tells you to.

A buddy had the same issue with his '11, a piece had broken off and somehow he managed to find it on the track. He had it welded up and it worked fine.

Thanks guys for the replies. There is no warranty on it. Its only about a inch down but half mooned the housing with a chuch off. Anyone know if a 10-11 crankcase fits?

i dont guess waranty was the right word lol i kinda meant go back to the dealer if you bought it new and say hey this broke think you can fix it free since its not very old type of thing

I was riding with the owner of the dealer that sold it to me he is helping out as much as he can.

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