XR600 to XR 650 rear wheel swap Please Read!!!!

OK then I have both wheels side by side on the garage floor. As far as I can tell the only difference is that the XR600 wheel has a metal colar on the sprocket side that the spacer seems to be pressed into and the disc is a different size. The axel on the 650 is bigger as of course are the seals the bearings and the tube which is inbetween the bearings. Everything else looks and measures the same. So my question is this. Can the bearings and the seals and the tube between the bearings be swapped? It looks like they can be. I wil be looking into it further but if anyone has done the swap please let me know the results!

I have not tried the front wheel yet but I am betting that the axel size is the same for both wheels.

It would make since that Honda would use the same hub if possible and just increase the axel size and thus the bearing size on the rear wheel to make up for the difference in horsepower. The front size really would not need to change.

I don't know if your wheels will swap or not but you are right the sprocket side spacer on a 600 is a press fit into the wheel bearing behind the retainer. Is the bolt pattern the same on both brake rotors? I think they take the same rear sprocket so the hubs may be the same or lagely the same. :)

Good to know that is a press fit because the inside diameter of that side is the same on both wheels! So I am betting that you take that out as well as the bearings and the middle spacer and replace them with the XR650 parts and presto spare dual sport wheel! I hope! Oh and yes the disc bolts line up. The hubs are actually identical except that the 600s are painted gray and the 650s are left natural. Mike

Did the rear wheel ever fit

I too am curious how this ended up or indeed if anyone Else has had a go at it, I was also wondering if there were any other rear wheels that would fix the 650, say like CRF 450 or I have heard some CR's are the same.

Thanks Wes there was a bit of stuff there but not what I was looking for unfortunately might just go to the wreckers and see if I can pick one up cheap to try

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