my story

i've just come back from a hair raising ride,

i found a tight single track going up at about easily 60 degree grade,tight and twisty through pine forests,

one false move and your a gonna.

my new 03' BRP performed well despite its weight and dual sport rear tyre. :D , can you believe it i even found myself poping wheelies (unintentional) :D

anyway after making it back down in one piece, i headed out on the open road looking for another adventure.

i noticed a bright light behind me, coming up very fast

i slowed down a bit , it was some dude on a harley,

cool i thought , lets see what this PIG can do, as he passed me i gassed it , so did he , i over took him quickly

my speedo read 140km/hr (80mph)

and then all of a sudden she broke into a terrible and frightning speed wobble, i had to back off immediately.

it was a dreadful feeling :D

does anyone know what caused this, it was kind of windy,

i havent done anything to the bike,its stock - uncorked of course.

please give me clue what to look at :)



I dont know what caused it but that aint normal on a BRP. They flat out stable. I wouldn't ride it again until you find out what's loose.

i know, everyone says they are stable at high speed

i forgot to mention , it was the front end of the bike

that was the culprit , could it be my front suspension

set up incorrectly, maybe its to soft.

yet she feels like dream up to 70mph,no complaints at all.



Check your spokes for tension and the rim for being true. Check your forks for being tweaked (twisted in the clamps). Loosen the fork clamps, make sure the forks aren't twisted and then retighten to see if that helps.

Have you set race and static sag?

thanks i will check those thing you mentioned

but i'm not sure what you mean "race and static sag"




just what i was looking for

much appreciated NP



I had much the same problem on my dirt only 650R. Anytime i hit around 70-80 mph i got nasty speed wobbles. it turned out that my rebound damping was too stiff. Backed it off a bit and all of a sudden, i can wind out my bike with the 14t front on with no problems at all :). good luck, JR

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