Actual weight of the XR650R

Has anyone actually weighed their XR 650 R ? how much is it really ? not the brochure or claimed weight.

302 lbs full of gas and ready to ride. :)

She's not fat, she's just big boned.

The May 2000 issue of Dirt Rider weighed the following bikes full of fuel, oil and ready to ride. Here's what they printed as honest full wet weights.

Honda XR650R = 302 lbs

Suzuki DRZ400E = 295 lbs

KTM520 E/XC = 272 lbs

Husaberg FE600E = 285 lbs

Honda XR400R = 278 lbs

Yamaha WR400F = 276 lbs

Kawasaki KLX300 = 271 lbs

Here's the ready to ride full wet weights for some more bikes, but I got these figures from owners who posted in the Yamaha & Suzuki TT forums that weighed their bikes filled with oil, gas and ready to ride.

2003 WR250 = 253 lbs

2001 WR426 = 265 lbs

2003 WR450 = 269 lbs

2003 YZ450F = 244 lbs

2003 CRF450 = 246 lbs

2002 Cannondale X440 = 254 lbs

2001 DRZ400S = 321 lbs

Thaks for the info , I want to weigh my big rig and compare I will pile on when I get it thanks !

Wow Im glad I dont have estart on my DRZ. That saves me 15-20 lbs! 302 not bad for a 650! :) Just dont drop it!

I almost bought a DRZ400E, when I happened to spot a deal on a licensed 01 XRR. After even more comparison, The weight & size argument againt the 650r compared to the 400's just does not hold water. The first thing I noticed on all 400 boards was the main topics were "how to get more power". BRP's don't have too many serious post about being HP or torque challenged.

Roger that....And with IMS new ELECTRIC START for the BRP.It will make the ultimate wepon :)


Got any more info on this? I heard Baja Designs will soon have a new e-Start kit for the XR650R, but I haven't yet heard about the IMS kit.

Reliable source says it sould be out "soon". Maybe in a month or two.

Trying to get my hands on a prototyoe(fingers crossed).Sources say that stator side of case will be aprox 1.5 in wider.

I sure hope it won't push the cover out 1.5 inches. The Joe Racer e-Start kit I saw a picture of pushed the cover out quite a bit too and that didn't set well with me. The BD kit will only be .600" wider and should be available before years end once the batter issues get resolved.

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