wtb wr400/426 transmission

Looking to buy either wr400 or wr426 transmission gear set

what are you trying to do burke? I have a wr426 that I had to replace the tranny (chain snapped and bent up something) so I bought a used yZ426 tranny and now she is running nice. I bought 2 brand new tranny shafts but that wasn't the problem. The gears and all look good, however i think something is up with the shifting forks. Anyways I have YZ426 complete cases, WR426 gears, brand new WR426 shafts (2 of them $150).

I currently have the yz426 flywheel and stator in the wr........until i can replace the wr426 stator (not working).....willing to trade some stuff if you have a wr stator???

I have a 05 yz250, 2 stroke, and I want to do a wr trans swap


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