First ride on the pig

I just went from a crf450 to a almost new 200 mile pig. First lesson learned if you want to turn fast stay on the gas. The bike is uncorked and jetted . It felt a little lazy then you look back and it's digginng a four inch trench. Second where did honda hide the rear brake pedal way too small . The stock bars are the worst bend I've ridden .I put new bars and a steering stabilizer on ,now it's much better. The 450 was a great bike but I wanted to take some long rides . I think the 650 will fit my needs . now only if I can make it wheelie from corner to corner like the 450.

I'm anxiously waiting for mine to be delivered (hopefully by the 21st). Thanks for the ride report.

It's weird buying a bike I've never ridden :D

But after reading through this & other forums, I'm confident it's what I want :)

Pumper carb, 13/50 gearing, performance header = corner to corner wheelies :)

I made the trade without riding the bike . I started it and check things out ,but didn't ride it. I also used the forums to help make my mide up. I really think it's a bike that grows on you. You can jump on a 450 and have go fast right away. It is very easy to ride fast. The brp takes time to learn to go fast. Now I can go a 100 miles without major mods. I'm looking at barstow to vegas in a couple of weeks. I did on a xr 600 ,the 650 is such a better bike, I think it would be a lot more fun. Thanks for all the help making my choice

I agree with you 100% - she grew on me big time. Character is a rarity in the mechanical world.

I'll second the little brake pedal thing. I bought mine off E-bay with about 400 miles on it. It was basicly new and the fella I got it from was great. I still went down to the local pig farm to check out the new piglit brake pedals to make sure mine was not bent in. Sure enough they were all mutant little pigs with under developed brake pedals. Must be something in the sushi over seas. :)

Mike, I'm in Shingletown and new the BRP. Where do you ride? Post, or PM me! Eric

I bought mine without a test ride! Little brake pedal? :) Who uses the brakes??? :D

Damn straight my friend!! what hell is a brake anyway :)

i went for a little rip in the dealer yard when i bought mine, and almost hit a boat :), used the front brake, i still miss the back pedal regularly.

anyone try flattrackin one of these big pigs ?

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