Latest Mod: XR650L 14-Tooth Install!

Just installed the Sprocket Specialists 14-tooth countershaft drive sprocket from Baja Designs ($17) on my Chopper. Let me tell you, what a difference this makes in the low-end performance!

No more lugging from first to second. The gearing is so much tighter all the way around! I can't believe I waited this long to install it (had it for about three weeks now and was waiting for the new 130/90-18 rear, but couldn't take it anymore). Perfect fit, no problems & an easy swap. Can't wait to hit the dirt now!

If you can live with losing about 3-5 mph from your current top end cruising speed, I highly recommend changing out the jumbo-sized 15-tooth stock dog. You won't regret it. :)

Installed the 14 on mine last winter, what a difference for riding in the bush, the tire will also really help, the 606s I put on made it seem like a different bike. :) Porkchop

If you're going to ride street, keep the 15-tooth. Couldn't handle my 650 feeling like a 250. For street riding or dual sport riding I'm running the stock sprocket. Works much better.

When I get the 130/90-18 rear, I'll reinstall the 14 for off-roading.

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