Tips on 2010 450 GYTR Tune with engine mods...

2010 YZ450 with RHC porting, high compression piston, Yoshimura RS4 midpipe and silencer with reducer removed, and Turbo Blue 110 mixed 50/50 with Sunoco 93 on stock ECU.

I know the best way to tune it would be with an AF gauge on a dyno and with a Power Commander, but I don't think I'm fast enough to warrant spending that kind of money when I have the GYTR tuner available to me. Was hoping someone could give me a few tips on which way to go with the tuner to better optimize the mods I have. Here is a map I found in the database here that is closest to my combination, I do not have camshafts though.

GYTR Ported Head, Exhaust, Piston and Camshafts


+2 +2 +2

+1 +1 +2

+1 +2 +2


+1 +3 +3

+1 +2 +1

0 0 0

VP® U4.2™ Fuel

Did porting, and GYTR(JE) piston kit to my 2011 last week, but no cams, and found the map from Yamaha for the 'GYTR ported, exhaust, cams' was not very good(lost bottom). I had an FMF 4.1 RCT full exhaust already with Marmont setting. Tried a couple other, and ended up combining a couple maps. I used the Marmont ignition setting with the Yamaha 'ported, exhaust, cams' and seemed much better. Gained bottom end back and bike seems to pull better throughout rpm's. I'm sure it would be better with the cams, but didn't have funds for cams at the time. Gonna try some more maps this week and if I find a better combo, I'll let you know. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the input!

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