Refilling cooling system

After a crash last weekend I have to replace the radiator hoses and "pipe 2". Anyway my question is, what is the easiest and best way to drain the cooling fluid and refill the system? I want to make sure that I dont the the system airlocked to where the fluid doesnt flow beause of air bubbles.

Theres a drain bolt near the water pump. Take it out and let the fluid come out (take off cap while doing this). after it is finished put the bolt back in. fill the radiator up. lean the bike to both sides a decent amount. youll hear the air bubbles coming out. repeat this until the radiator is completely full with no air bubbles from side leaning.

ride then check the level and repeat fluid adding steps if needed.

also there is no way to keep it "air locked" and add fluid.

Thanks, I guess what I meant was I dont want an air bubble to get in a hose or the water pump and not have the water circulating but still appear full when I take off the cap.

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