06 yz450

Hear alot of how this bike isn't a great turner,have been looking for a newer 450 for awhile and was wondering if it would still be a better handling bike than my current 01 yz426.

it has great forks,

Having gone from an 02 426 to an 06 yz450 myself,I can say,without any doubt or reservation,that the 450 is gonna feel AMAZING compared to a 426.The very first thing I remember noticing,was how well the 06 450 turned!After hopping on the 06,the 426 felt really top heavy and seemed to me like it never wanted to lay over in a corner,but wanted to stand up.The 450 feels SO much lighter in every aspect,and the suspension advantage was like night and day too.There is simply no camparison between those two bikes(And I LOVED my 426!).I don't know what your skill level is,but even for a fat,old,recycled 1970's motocrosser like myself,those differences were really obvious.

thats what I thought,newer usually will be better.I was looking for an 08-09 yz450 but I think I can expand my options,definately want an aluminum frame and 5 speed so 06 and up should be fine.Of course if I can find an 09 I will take that first.I love the 426 also but would like a lighter bike.

08-09s handle a little bit better, the main thing is the frame flexed more so it was more forgiving.

With flapwick on this one. Loved my 01' 426 but my 06 does everything better! Took me awhile to figure out the set-up I liked to make it turn. Raise forks to first line and run 95mm of sag and keep a fresh front tire on (I like the Pirelli scorpions mid-soft terrains).

Compared to `01 YZ426 it would be amazingly better. An `06 turns no problem - you just have to adpat to it and make couple of small changes like rise the forks, get a good tire and use a bar bend that keeps the weight more upfront (like Windham bend).

It will always remain different from a "great turner" like Suzukis. But then again you have the stability. It`s all one big compromise.

I would rather have the 06 450 than an 01 426 any day. The handling and suspension of the new bikes is soooo much better. :thumbsup:

Is there much difference in the power between the 2 bikes?

working on a deal for an 06 yz450,say the valves were just shimmed and it needs a rear tire.He just replaced the stock sprockets and it was bought new in 08,he is 2nd owner.Are there any common things to look for in this year/make?It will be a 2.5 hour drive just to see it unless I can talk him into meeting half way.

its a great bike! i love my 06 450 just look for the regular things clean air box, no crack in the frame, no missing bolts. besides that get your suspension tuned right and you will be turning just fine. :thumbsup:

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