Baja site tube

how easy is the baja designs site tube to install? Is it made well and would you trust it. I installed a steering damper and it is a pain to check the oil level. I want something I can trust not breaking 50 miles from the truck.


It's easy to install if you are familiar with drilling and tapping. Mine has two seasons on it and is one of the best modifications I've done. Dry sump bikes are a such a pain checking the oil, the site tube solves that nicely. The Baja kit has top quaity components and they will hold your hand, (over the phone), if you need help.

You can easily & inexpensively (~$30) make your own oil sight tube yourself with the highest quality parts around. Swagelok & Parker both make 1/8 NPT 90 degree elbow fittings that accept 1/4" smooth tubing. Then its just a matter of carefully drilling / tapping the frame and finally installing the tubing. You can buy all the components at an industrial hardware shop, or a good plumbing supply store, or a place such as McMasterCarr

If you want a PDF file with more info about this, send me a PM with your email address and I'll email it to you. If you're already a member of the XR650R Yahoo group, then simply go the files section and search for the words "Oil Sight Tube.pdf" that was produced by Mark Clark. Thanks Mark :)

Thanks I'm a member. I'll go check it out

There is a picture in the photo section also, it's six pictures in one makes it hard to figure out but, was made that way to save space. :)

I just bought some stuff from Bajadesings yesterday and got the stuff today! :D I think they ran the stuff to my house after work on the way home or something! :D I got two of there speedo's, a shark fin and and hydrolic brake light switch. They where fast. Great place to shop :D , wish I would of got a sticker though. I am such a :D baby!

Be carefull with the pipe tap - you don't want to go too deep.

Run the tap in a small amount and try the fitting.

The fitting needs to tighten before it bottoms. Just take your time - it's easy.

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