I weighed my "race ready" 09WR450 this morning.

I was reading a thread in another forum about how surprisingly heavy the Euro KTM/GasGas 2 strokes were and I was curious about my 09WR450F that I have in "XC" mode. I have all the lights and EPA junk removed. Still have the kickstand and computer, plus Shorai battery, handguards, Flatlands Radiator Guards, Fastway pegs, the new plastic Moose Pro skid plate, and a YZF full exhaust. Approx 1/2 tank of fuel.

I zeroed the digital bathroom scale, weighed the front and rear wheel.

261.8 lbs.

I could probably lose another 5 lbs by removing the computer, odo cable, kickstand, and using the much lighter YZ rear fender instead of stock WR rear fender.

The fact that a race ready E Start Enduro 450 weighs as much as a 2 stroke EURO 250/300 all dressed out is quite surprising to me.

That's not bad. I would have guessed 275. All manufacturers seem to lie about the weights.

I think the Euro 2 strokes were E Starts. I still can't believe that the new GasGas weighs 250+.

I cringed when I read the title of this thread! I too am surprised at how light your WR is. My '06 WR weighed in at a paltry 280#!!!


Just for the record, I think 260 is heavy, not light. I guess when compared to a XR650, it is light. My 02kx250 was 230lbs in full battle dress.

The rub here is that I've always had the idea that when the time came for me to go racing again, it would be on GG300 2 stroke. I really like the way they handle on singletrack. The best handling bike I've owned/rode. So I stay in the loop on GG and follow the developement, especially in the last year when the 12' got a new frame and an extensive makeover. However, I'm going to just stick with the WR, since it weighs the same and I prefer the uncorked 450 power and stability, and I've really gelled with it.

Here is the thread in the event ya'll think I'm a whack.


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All the Japanese bikes are 'heavy' compared to the Euro bikes.


But they also don't use springs to hold on the pipe, they use studs and bolts.

They don't use Aluminum in places that is just stupid (like axle nuts, shift drums, oil pump impellers, Steering stem collars and bolts, etc etc).

That is why a Japanese bike will last 5 seasons of hard riding and a Euro bike won't.

And no, I don't mean 'woods' riding, or 'flat land' riding. I mean HARD riding, like So Cal Desert.

My CRF450X is 271 ready to ride (2.3 gal gas).

My KTM 500 XC-W weighed 251 ready to ride, and could not keep up, in any way, to a stock WR, or X, let alone my full-race X.

So, as I said before, SO WHAT.

Nothing has been claimed, just info has been provided. I don't understand your position. Actually, with the way you come across, I don't care to hear you try to explain yourself.

I don't think 260 pounds is all that bad.

I would have thought more.

I know at the end of the day it feels like more.

I don't want to know how much my wr weighs. As far as I know it is the lightest and fastest dirt bike ever made.

ignorance is bliss :smirk:

On a side note my desert race 02kx500 weighed 235 in full garb. It felt like 300 compared to my wr.

Oh, I'm very happy that my WR is 261.8lbs. Thrilled actually b/c I thought it would be more like 275. Don't misunderstand me. My point was that in my mind the Euro 2stoke enduro bikes were all 230lbs, which in fact, they are close to the same as my particular WR. So it came as good surprise to me.

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Interesting. My WR is so gadgeted out it probably weighs 300lbs.. :lol:

Forget the bike....I'm the fat one!

Forget the bike....I'm the fat one!

That's what kills me the most, people who will kick and scream over this bike being 5 lbs. lighter than that bike, the WR is a heavy pig at 15 lbs. more than a KTM and spending hundreds of $$$ to lose a pound or three when they are personally 25-30lbs overweight.

Easiest and cheapest 10lbs you can loose off a bike? Start doing crunches and skip the latte at Starbucks.

Not that I can talk, I need to loose 30 lbs. myself, but this bitching back and forth on 275 vs 251 vs 240 vs whatever....ride the damn bike!!! We add so much weight by adding skid plates, hand guards, heavy duty tires, etc. it doesn't matter all that much in the end. Yeah, the WR feels heavier than my CR250 did, but it's a ton lighter than my XR650 and KLR650 were. It's all relative.

If you just trail ride then it really doesn't matter much. For the racers, depending what class you are in and how gnarly and tight the trail is, 30lbs is a big advantage, whether it's the bike or in your fat ass.

I know that in the Open Class, the guys on the 300 2strokes are going to pull time on me in the tighter sections. Hopefully in the whoops and wider sections, I will be able to make that up. I'm getting stronger from my workouts, I'm hoping to be able to make the WR flick back and forth a little better in the tighter test sections. You kind of have to get physical with it.

I was reading a thread in another forum about how surprisingly heavy the Euro KTM/GasGas 2 strokes were ....

Any chance to get a link to the thread? I'd like to read it.

I posted the link, 5th reply.

Oops, missed it. Thanks for opening my eyes.


What a heavy POS that GG 2t is!!! That's unacceptable......

It's not just the GasGas, but the KTM/Husaberg too. These are the Enduro models with lights now, not the XC versions.

It's not just the GasGas, but the KTM/Husaberg too. These are the Enduro models with lights now, not the XC versions.

229lbs for a 2012 KTM 250xc, xcw versions are close to the same....and that's WITH electric start, unlike that GG.

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