Some Q's For WR Owners ??

#1 Does the '04 have the ole BK mod built into the carb, that would be a screw to regulate the fuel squirt??

#2 Has anyone on an '03 or '04 went full on with a weight loss, like taking the starter, battery, lights off and getting the weight down, if so how has that worked for you and have you weighed the bike afterwards??

#3 I have read that post regarding the cracked case as a result of the kicker start under a certain idle RPM, is this an issue or a fluke for one or two owners ??

#4 Is the woodruff key issue officially fixed with the '04 ??

#5 Yamaha lists the WR suspension as being the same as the YZ, is this the case??

I sold my yz426 before i left for school and now im in the market for a bike. I am trying not to buy a HONDA because I loved my 426 so much. If Yamaha had put a 5 speed in the YZ i would not be typing this right now. But here I am, looking at a WR. Im in the desert on trails and hare and hounds, so the WR might just be the perfect bike FO ME.

I would like to give it a little weight loss and dont care for the electric start. Its between the WR and the CRF, but I sure want a blue bike in the garage !!!


Since the replys are overwhelming im going to throw out question #6

#6 Whats the deal with the throttle stop, is there one and is it customery to cut it out and is that a big pain in the butt or not ?? :)

Keep those responses coming, your the best :D

I know that not many of you have your '04s yet, but some of you might know this stuff..........

Ok I'll do some I know a little about

#3- I have only heard about it happening the one time so I think this is an isolated incident.

#4- According to Yamaha, yes. Havn't heard of any failures on the 04's yet.

#5- My understanding of it, and I could be wrong, is that its the same basic fork with different valving for off road use, but thats how its been for years.

Here is what I can comment on:

#3 Have only heard of this once, my impression is that it is isolated.

#4 What is official, I lapped my crank and rotor and followed the TSB very very carefully and haven't had any problems, check the rotor nut with every oil change and it has never moved. ('03 Canadian WR450, stock jetting and muffler)

#5 WR for 03 had the same suspension components but different spring rates, 04 the YZ has a 48mm fork verses the WR 46mm.

#3 this happened to me it was my post,maybe it hasent happened to you yet but beware.The dealer said that they have seen atleast 3 such incidents. :excuseme:But a freind welded it and i'm ready to ride again.But i'm going to make sure that my battery is charged from now on!!! I'll take a woodruf key problem over a cracked case any day ,atleast the woodruf key yamaha will fix for free!! :)

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