WR450 headlight?

I see that the stock head light is 55W. What is the MAX wattage I can use before it gets to be too much for the wiring and too hot for the case? OR, should I upgrade (if it is) and get the Acerbis Diamond? :)

WR450's KICK!! :D:D

I just called Ricky Stator (rickystator.com) last week. He says the stock lighting coil of the WR450 is good for 55watts only. The other coil is just enough to charge the battery and run the bike. I am looking at mounting an external high effeciency 55watt halogen light which I could use offroad at night, or run just my 35watt UFO light around town at night. Has anyone else done this yet?

Baja Designs told me that one can only rely on about 100 watts, they recommended 70-80watt bulbs for the headlight. Have heard many others running that range for headlight with no problems.

I will call Baja Designs next week. I have been trying to find info on the lighting coil. Can't find anything in the manual, like a VA rating. The schematic does not show a regulator either for the lighting coil circuit. Maybe I am misreading it. There has to be one.

That sounds great. Please keep me informed on what you find. :)

I raced my '02 426 at night this weekend. Ran stock headlight (surprisingly effective by the way) and a 50W halogen helmet light wired into the bikes headlight circuit. It worked without any problems, but I did notice the need to keep the revs just a bit higher to prevent dimming (like when braking hard for a tight corner).

I think the stock headlight with an added helmet light is a bigger advantage offroad than just a higher wattage headlight bulb. Nothing replaces having a light that shines where you are looking, vice where your bars are pointing.

Oldbones, do you have a link for the helmet light?

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