newb center stand question

I just got myself an 08 yz450f, I moved up from a 98 yz400f.

on my 400 there are convienient handles at the back of the seat that I would use to pick the bike up and put it on my pit stand.. the 450 doesn't have these and its a real p.i.a. to get it on there

is there a good procedure to do this, or do I need to buy one of the stands that lifts up?


I have a lift stand, but when I use a regular stand I just lift it by the rear fender.

+1 on the lift stand but when I do use a regular stand I use the rear fender or I lean over it and lift it from the sub frame.

im a little guy, i have to ballance the bike while stepping behind it and i pick it up by the rear rim. the rear fender is in the way a bit it is doable

You get better leverage using the rear fender anyway, and it will make the bike feel (a little bit) lighter. I use the fender option on both my YZ426 and my newer YZ450.

i just lift by the frame right by the exhaust... burned my self many times... takes alot of hand strength but i think it is easiest this way

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