Does anyone have some good info on GPS systems. Which brands are better than others. Which ones have better features... easy to use.. etc... My girlfriend is going to buy me one for Christmas and told me to find one that I would like. :D:)

I have the Garmin Legend and it works great for myself. has 8mb of storage. I wish it had a bigger display though.

Several people on here have the car model gps but that seems to big and would be easy to destroy in a crash and expensive. Mine sits on my bars with a handlebar mount and it's gone down with me a few times but it's always safe and sound. I also use mine in the motorhome hooked up to my laptop to keep me on track......

Garmin GPS units with bigger screens are



both will run on 12VDC external power.

Some folks just love the Garmin E series models. Hooking these units up for external power requries extra hardware since they run on 3VDC. For anybody needing reading glasses the small screen is difficult to see while riding.

The best customer service for GPS on bikes is the folks at Cycoactive.

Give them a call and tell them you need help spending your girlfriend's money.

If cost is not a problem ask for the GPSMAP 176 with the color screen.


The Rhino by Garmin. Has built in FRS radio :)

It depends what do you want. Garmine GPS V or III+ has very good receprion, water resistant, you can see your speed on trail sections and other nice functions, but when it comes to storing trails no gps can beat the Lowrance iFinder. It has memory for unlimited storage with great accuracy. However it is less sensitive that Garmin and you may need external antena in thight woods. It also has much better(less) batery usage, and you need optional accesory to connect it to 12v. The good thing is that it is very unexpensive and you can buy all the accesories and it will still be less expensive that Garmin GPS III+ or V.

Check out

I have had the Garmin Legend too and still have it, but have not used it since I got a Magellan Platinum. Turn it on and put it in the Camel Pack and off I go. No problems, big display, lots of memory, etc....

Good luck and Merry Christmas :)

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