Question about UFO rear fender for 07+

I would like to put one of these on my 2011 WR450F. The reason I want it over the other model people use for the alum. WR's is because it has a built in license plate lamp, a requirement in Texas (my main residency). Will this plate holder fit on my WR?

Thanks, Matt

Or does anyone have any good ideas for a license plate lamp that won't shake loose?

Yes it will fit. Just remove your stock tail light and find the best position before you drill the fender. There are some plastic tabs molded into the fender that may need to be trimmed depending on how tight up to the fender you want it. I have the Tusk plate holder/tail light on my bike and it fits good. They are all "universal" so trim to fit as necessary. I do get a bit of a bounce in the fender because of the added weight of the fender but nothing excessive.

I bought the whole UFO fender for my '03 WR450 from Amazon for $35 which included the plate holder and light you linked to. Here's the link - . The plastic is nowhere near as thick as the factory fender, but I used it for now anyway as my bike had been flipped by the previous owner and the factory fender wasn't in the best shape. I don't know if the whole fender there will fit the '11, but the light and plate mount look the same and it's cheaper than the one you originally linked to.

The part you linked to could be mounted to the factory fender, but not a great fit(on the '03, looks like it would work ok on the '11.) Also I didn't care for the light so I made my own LED tail/brake light -- -- using a solderable breadboard from amazon - - and a bunch of LED's from microtivity (amazon store.)

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Darn I wish you had replied a day earlier I would have bought the cheaper one. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the original one I linked. Maybe I'll post a little tutorial or some finished product pics once i get it installed..

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