yz400f flywheel weight

I am very new to this forum, first off I am looking for a 1999 yz400f 9 to 12oz flywheel weight... No one, I mean no one seems to have them anymore. I have reviewed mant past topics to see where people have got themin the past with no luck. I have tried every online store with no luck. does anyone know where I may be able to pick one up at... Any help would be great thanks alot.

If you can't find any, you could always use the WR400 lighting coil with flywheel. That is easy to find.


On ebay right now is aYZ 400 flywheel with a 8 oz weight installed on it already.The listing said it had a 5 oz but in the picture it looks like an 8 to me. Plus I a pretty sure those were part of a kit that came with 6 ,8, and 10oz weights. Buy it now $50.00 plus $14.00.

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