Adjustable jetting (on the fly) on a WR450f?

My first thought was that it had an R&D remote adjustable fuel screw, but I don't see the knob in any of the photo's. Must have a straight/extended fuel screw that you can't see on the bottom of the carb and you certainly can't adjust it "on the fly" unless you're some sort of suicidal gymnast...

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Yeah, got to be just a fuel screw. You can tell the owner is not to veresed as he calls the forks 'shocks'.

There are adjustable main jets, but they do not work very well and there is a device that install in the carb bell but that too, works poorly. Other than FI, there is no substitute for little brass bits.

I ride sea level to 8,000ft on the same jets. If you jet right you won't need to touch anything unless you go over 10K

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