Custom Transmission for YZF 426?


I currently have a 2000 YZ 426. I was wondering if I could Keep the YZ gears fist through 4th, however have the WR 5th gear. Is it possible to have a hybrid between the YZ transmission and the WR transmission?

Thanx in advance


i bet its just a case of swapping two gears, if you had both apart, it would be easy to tell.

by the way, did you buy some stuff from philandwifey on ebay?? that was me, how did it turn out??

phil (minus wifey)

I dont think the WR has an extra high gear, but instead, it has an extra low gear. I was told the YZ's 1st gear it like the WR's 2nd gear. And the reason was a YZ in racing didnt need the lower gear, while the WR for trails did. :)


the wr OD 5th is a drop in.

I believe the trans are the same. The WR is a Wide Ratio trans. I am to under stand you can hold the gears a little longer. Check the trans specs from Yamaha. They should be able to tell you the ratios gear by gear.

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