How to keep throttle cable from fraying?

Back in 2010 when I had my 2010 450 the return cable frayed and had to replace the throttle cable. Now I have a 2011 450 that has 31hrs on it and was taking the throttle housing apart to clean it and regrease it (for the third time since new) and discovered the return cable was frayed also (at about the end at the nipple).

Since I new my 2010 had done this I have been keeping the one on my 2011 greased with Moly-lithium soap base grease but it still frayed in the same spot as my 2010. I sold my 2010 to my buddy who owns the yamaha shop where I buy my bikes from and he has been racing with us this year. He checked his one and needless to say it has done the same thing (return cable frayed) in the same spot.

I replaced the one on his when I had it and at the time it frayed with me it had 34.3 hours on it and now it has 72hrs on it.

My 2011 has 31hrs and is now needing the cable replaced. Is this just a high wear item? or is there something one can do to keep them from fraying?

I figured since I have been keeping an eye on it by greasing it and keeping the housing clean I would have prevented it from deteriating or fraying. Guess I need to clean it even more often but with 31hrs on it........that would be like cleaning it every 10 hours of riding time.

What would be another alternitive other than grease that would hopefully keep the the cable from fraying?

To Everyone else ..........keep an eye on the throttle cable .

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