honda 450f

hey guys check out the 450 forum it looks like the 450 is getting into a few peoples

hands-bet there will be a few starting to show up at the tracks this weekend.they will

be easy to spot-look for the cluster on the track from everyone giving it a run on the straights LOL.i will have to wait till wildbill gets his to see about this 55 hp thing grin.gif

It's probarly making 55bhp or there about's at the crankshaft, so the time it get's too the back wheel you might have about 45-47bhp it's likely Honda will have made sure it's got more power than the 426 anyway, it is a 450 after all and it wont be a good selling point if it did not,

There's a fair chance when Honda was developing it they used a 426 as a starting point,

Regard's Sonny

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