Front Axle Question

Can someone who has their front wheel off do me a favor and measure the front axle?

Large diameter straight section: diameter and length

Small diameter straight section: length

I'm trying to find a donor axle for a wheel swap and I think a WR axle may work for me. I just don't want to buy an axle unless I'm reasonably suspicious that it will fit.

I'm trying to run a mechanical speedo, well an enduro computer actually, on my CR500.

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'06 WR450 front axle size: Large end-24.85mm diameter / 45.83mm lengt

Small end-19.85mm diameter/ 163mm length


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Sweet, thank you very much.

Does the 163mm length include the threaded section?

No, the 163mm section is without the threads.



Looks like its not quite long enough. Same problem I have with the CRF axle. I guess I will modify the stock axle.

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