2002 XR650R "UNCORKING", need help with needle!

I have succesfully done everything in the uncorking process, but the needle. I don't know how to get to it to move the clip. I had a friend who did this kind of stuff for me, but he is no longer with us. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

once you remove the slide, access is easy.

Are you talking about the two screws on the top of the slide? I wasn't sure about the spring mechanism, will there be any surprises that I need to be careful of? :)

That be the one. No surprises, It's really is easy. Just take your time, and you will be ok. :)

Thanks Shock_Doc! I didn't have a bit of trouble with that needle. Everyone was right about the power increase form "Uncorking". I am experiencing a loud backfire/Pop when I release the throttle. ? I didn't adjust anything, I just installed the 172main, 68pilot, and stock needle in 4th position. Also airbox and exhaust mod. Any ideas?

If you are close or at sea level get rid of that needle and buy the honda competetion needle(and put the clip in the 3rd position) Also the 172 may be right for winter riding but you should get a 175 for spring through fall.

If you take your time and note the location of all parts involved, removing the slide to get at the needle should'nt be too bad. Just takes some doing.

While you're in there, think about replacing the needle AND seat with the competition needle from Honda. Set it to the 3rd clip position. Using the stock needle, 4th position.

As far as the popping goes when you get off the gas, that's pretty common and normal. Mine does it to, it's not a problem. In fact the YZ426 I used to have did that also, but even more so. It's no big deal.

These big four strokes need to be pretty rich to run really strong, so run a 175 main if you're less than 1000'.

Good luck with it .

Thanks to everyone for the help! I am actually at 3,500ft elevation if that matters at all? The mountains west of Lassen National Park, CA. Anyone else ride up here?

At that height I would start with a 170-172 main keep the stock pilot or go up one and get the Honda comp needle in the 3rd possibly 2nd clip position. This is all with the stock exhaust mind you, if/when you change exhaust you'll have to start all over again.

Hey Eric, yeah, 3500' DOES matter. Forget the 175, try a 165 or 170 main instead. If you get the B3E needle, you might have to put it a clip position leaner, but I would try the 3rd position first. Good luck with it man.

You are welcome.... :)

I am running the 172 main and a 68 pilot. I have not adjusted the air screw at all. I will try the 170 main, but what about the pilot?

Sorry,don't really remember which one :) . I bought the whole honda power up kit. I will check tomorrow on which one it is.

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