2003 WR450 stator - is the light coil more powerful than the charge coil?

Having wired a set of heated grips to my bro's 450, they work well for keeping his hands warm (too many power tools/smoking/drugs back in the 60s have shot his circulation, can't keep em warm on the trails in winter) but they drain the battery faster than it charges. does the light coil have a higher output/enough juice to run both the lights and the heated grips?

Theyre oxford hotgrips and consume max 48watts (4 amps) for the pair.. i havent been able to find anywhere that says what the wattage of the stator is

A common method used to increase the amount of power being produced and sent to the battery is to "Float the ground". Do a search on this and you'll find all kinds of information. I'm just getting ready to do mine, so I don't have any results yet.


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