Where do I begin?

I have A 2000 WR 400 and am ready to start making mods. Where do I begin. I only woods ride.

i just bought a 99 wr 400, i'd like to know mods too.

My bike came with a YZ seat and gas tank,pirelli tires and pro taper handlerbars.

i guess thats a good start. how about exhausts or inserts?

Also I recommend the first money spent after the free mods should be on suspension work. Day and night handling difference. :)

The 2000 WR400 is a great bike! Here are a few mods that you can do that will will improve it in the woods.

1) Get a flywheel weight. I think I had a 12 oz. This helps to prevent stalling as well as getting the power to the ground.

2) Get a handle bar mounted "Hot Start" system. There are a few brands around. I used the Ty Davis system but check around there may be others that work as well or better. Try Doug Dubach.

3) Jetting. Proper jetting will help your bike start easier and run better. Go to the jetting forum and check the ThumperTalk store for the JD jetting kit.

4) If the air box is stock, try cutting a 4X4 inch hole in the top. This will help let the bike breath better. But, check it first. The previous owner may have already done that.

5) Set your race sag. Go to the suspension forum here on TT and you will find a wealth of information.

6) you want a quiet pipe but something that isn't too restrictive. You didn't mention what your bike has but if it is stock check around for a good quiet after market system. Also, if you get a good after market header you can get the high bend that doesn't obstruct access to the oil filter!

7) For the really tight woods single track stuff try using lower gearing. Start by putting a 13 primary on and then go from there.

8) move the rear wheel as far forward as possible without coming into contact with the mud flap. To get your chain adjusted properly you may need to remove a link. But, check it out first.

9) you can also raise your forks up a few millimeters in the clamps. This will help to quicken your steering. But, don't over do it and make sure both sides are the same.

That should get you started. Hopefully, others will chime in here to offer up some pointers as well.



Welcome to the fold. Hope you have a strong Visa card......the mods can be endless, but fun.

thanks,i love the bike. how about inserts versus aftermaket exhausts? i have a stock 99 wr 400 exhaust and a YZ exhaust. I put the stock one back on to learn on the bike( my first bike was an 85 honda xr 350 and i am still a beginner).

i checked out CRD and pro moto billet and Vortip but have no clue what to get. i'll keep the stock one on til i feel comfortable.I haven't done the air filter box either but there is still gobs of power for me now.just got it two weeks ago. cool beans

With the stock Wr pipe, you can put in a stock TTR250 insert in. More power and less noise. Look for a used one. I would have done it, but didn't think of it till a year after replacing with aftermarket. And I had the parts. :):D :D

1st thing i like to do is narrow my bars to 28" i use a pipe cutter to do it then i like to cut my levers for 2 finger operation smooth the ends with a corse file (works better on alum) and cut groves with 60deg triangle file for a no slip face on the levers; haven't broke a lever sence and never get my fingers penched; then drill a bunch of holes in the back of the front fender for more air flow to the rad/motor; wood spade bits work great on fender; take off to do this. all freebees that help out in the woods.

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