Aerial Acrobatics

Need some pointers from you guys on the techniques you use to manuever your bike while in the air over jumps. I've got the basics down such as moving the front wheel up or down by using the throttle, rear brake, or body positioning; and the method of launching the bike at angles off the face of a jump to set up for the next turn. But I need some tips on how to bring the rear of the bike back after hanging it out a little too far (or how to perform other mid-air corrections). Landing sideways is an eye opener.

In my experience, the yzf will whip, but don't take it too far. It seems to have a point of very difficult return after roughly 20 degrees (my estimate) of whip. Once I get the bike sideways in the air I position myself farther forward over the bars, and "torque" the handlebars to return to a straight position. It takes some practice and is dificult to describe. I learned the technique when I was a kid on a bmx bike. It is a bit different on a MX machine though.

Hope this helps and good luck!


My theory is.. go faster.. a little input on the handlebars, and body positioning, will go a long way. it is all in the feel. bmx gives you a great head start into feel and control in the air. as for tricks, don't get to far away from the bike and you should be able to set up for a landing, as long as you go big! its almost always better to over shoot, than case!! lean left at take off, turn right, lift left foot over seat, extend! turn left and remount. nac nac

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