New Baja Designs DS Headlight on BRP

I just received a new Baja Designs Dual Sport kit for my '01 XR650R and the front turn signals are mounted on the headlight, unlike the bike on the website installation manual (they did not send me a manual with the kit). The problem is the left front turn signal is in the way of the front brake hose guide.

I thought about moving the brake hose guide to the upper triple clamp, but if I do I'll need to flip it over, which requires disconnecting the hose and having to bleed the caliper.

Have any of you run into this problem and found a good solution, or should I just call Baja Designs?



I have an 03 with the same kit,and have not had any problems.On the other hand, When I Mount My HID lights,I have to slightly bend the brake guide over.

Maybey between tweeking the guide and moving your light up on the forks some, you can get it to fit.

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