Bashed my rear brake lever tip, now what?

Has anyone replaced the tip ? what can be done apart from buying new oem or aftermarket assemblies?

Make a replacement out of a spare bit of metal and use a bolt & nut to hold it place, in place of the std rivet

alternatively, straighten out the one that's on it

If its cracked or broken, weld it back together

You'll prob have to get it off if welding/straightening, but again fix it back in place with bolt and nut (nut should be inside the tip, not towards the clutch case, and use a csk head bolt so it don't protrude and puncture the case)

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Just buy a new one already! SHEESH

Just buy a new one already! SHEESH

Why not try and fix it for less! Dont have all the loot you apparently have!

Why not try and fix it for less! Dont have all the loot you apparently have!

I work my regular job to support my family, I pay for my dirt bike habit by working side jobs, no I dont have alot of loot, but if a simple part is fixable I dont go to an internet forum to ask how, if it is that damaged just get a new one. Edited by WR450hombre

I only realize after selling some parts to S Africa on Gumtree ( South African Craigslist) that parts and bikes are way more than they cost us here.

Ill sell you mine if you want

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I replaced my brake pedal with a lhrb so have a brake pedal, master cylinder, and rear brake hose I can sell you also

The stock brake tip and lever is pretty good at handling being bashed, straightened, annihilated, fixed on the trail or garage, etc. Mine looks like Rosie O'Donnell's face but after a bunch of "fixing" it fits my boot perfectly and works like a charm.

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