Lowering options - 01 YZ426F

Hey guys. I'm 5 foot 5 and I've got myself an 01 YZ 426F. Its in the process of having the motor put back together, so I've been searching for options for lowing this thing. I hear of a "subframe mod" but no one ever explains what it is in the slightest, or has pics, or a tutorial, or any places that do the mod. Could someone let me in on this secret mod? I can find ANYTHING on the web about it, just it being mentioned. Also, it doesn't look like theres much seat foam to cut, but is that a good idea with these bikes? I'm looking into a Yamalink lowering link but 170 bucks seems really expensive for just a lowering link and I can't find any others. Suspension revalve or something along those lines is not an option for me, I'm 17, broke, and I ride for fun, mostly trails, so a whole suspension job is not in the cards right now. Please no comments saying "get used to it" or "find a nice place to put your foot when you stop". I'd feel much more confident on a 260 pound 50hp motorcross bike if I could atleast touch the ground <_< . Also, I am an experienced rider and have no problems on big bikes other than touching the ground

Make sure your sag is properly set and you could get some "free" lowering. If the bike has only 3.5" of sag you could set it at the recommended 4 inch range and get half an inch. At 5'5" that won't set the world on fire, but it's worth a shot.

Or of you're super light and the bike is sprung for a heavier rider a lighter spring - which may not be realistic since funds are tight now - and resetting sag could work wonders, too.

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