Oil not making it to frame?

well, bike is back on the trails and performed flawlessly this weekend!



No, what's that about?

Do a search on "Oil system Upgrade" by zibbit.

i actually read through that, it was my understanding that it would be more beneficial if i were using it for more supermoto but considering the type of riding I do, the benefits would be nominal.

gotta be honest, i went to a 13:1 piston, nothing major, also had the cylinder nikasil coated, cam chain replaced, oil pump and all new gaskets. on reassembly, we noticed the timing was off slightly.

the bike runs lik ebutter now and the power delivery is so smooth and hits hard now.

next i sthe exhaust, it's way too loud.

it's a DRD that had a broken piece to the baffle, I repacked it but it just needs to be replaced.

any thoughts on a great quiet slip on? can't do the powerbomb header because of the larger tank, the petcock will be too close to the header.

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