broken font caliper

Has anyone, besides myself, broken one of the front caliper float pins -- not the brake pad pins, but the ones that the caliper actually floats on. Yamaha doesn't sell just the pin -- have to buy a new caliper assembly.



Craig, I can sell you a caliper. As for the caliper pin, it would be easy to have a machinist make one for you.

I can't recall which one, maybe Dennis Kirk, but I have seen in catalogs where you can just order new caliper pins for most bikes.

In fact, when you order EBC brakepads, sometimes they throw in new pad pins.


'01 DRZ400S

'00 KTM250exc

Although it's been a while since my original post, I figured I'd better follow up to the replies. Thanks to Scott F for the offer to buy a caliper, but, that is what I am trying to avoid. Since I have the broken piece, and haven't come across any other solutions, I am going to try a local machinist. Maybe get have a couple extra made!



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