2011 clutch

hey guys, i was woundering will a clutch out of a 2006 yz 450 fit into my 2011? i got a brand new one in my tool box and did not want to have to get another one if i didnt have to. even if the steels are the same it would be great. i did a search online but i didnt really get my answer.

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i'm willing to bet it will

The main difference is that the '06 has one more pair of plates than the later ('07+) clutches. If you stack the plates in in the same order and number as the ones you took out, they'll work fine.

Tonight I put the clutch in the bike exactley as the oem one came out, when i finished and checked my lever i had no free play at all. when i started the bike it would only semi release like i was feathering the clutch and with the bike stopped it would not stall. with the new clutch there was another 3 piece friction plate so i tried it with that in and the same result. any other advice?

Did you adjust the free play?

yes i did i lenghtend the cable as much as possible and still no free play

Then you don't have enough plates in the clutch. When you have no play, it means the pressure plate is too far in toward the center of the engine and/or the push rod assembly is too "long". Add a pair of plates and see what happens.

Is the kit an aftermarket thing, or OEM stuff?

06 have 1 more friction plate and 1 more steelplate. To make 06 clutch fit you need put 06 pressure plate. Steel plates 06 and 11 difference is 06 are thinner than 11 plates. Im been using 06 clutch in my 12 bike its more strong and dont slip so easily. Im riding lot on really soft sand so

clutch is allways issue.

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