Question on 06 450f Clutch arm seal replace

Took me a while but finally figured out the mystery oil-misting problem on the left side of my 06 450f. Looks like the chain camo off on the P.O., leaving a tiny nick on the clutch arm tower just above the circlip. After pulling the seal out it does not look like any damage inside. Replaced with a new seal and circlip but, is it possible to push the new seal in too far? I don't remember what the seal looked like before I removed the original (as far as seating depth goes) but the new one is slightly below the circlip (less than 1mm maybe?) Is it possible to get it in too far and block the oil passage or am I beng paranoid? Thanks for any replies.

As I recall, it just goes in and stops. No worries.

Thanks Gray, was hoping for your input!

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